Anaheim Oceanside 125k

This populaire follows the route of permanent #2666. We start at the Anaheim Amtrak station and begin by climbing Santiago Canyon, then dropping to Cooks Corner for the first receipt control. We should be there for breakfast. We continue to (mostly) descend on the delightful Aliso Creek bike trail until we reach the coast at Dana Point. If you haven’t ridden the Aliso Creek trail before you will find a gps system invaluable.

From Dana Point we take the usual coast route south, stopping anywhere in San Clemente for our next receipt control. My favorite is the Kaylani Coffee shop. We follow the bike route through San Clemente which is longer but avoids all that traffic and all those parked cars.

At Christianitos Road we enter the bike path and then the old coast route to Las Pulgas Road. Those of us who are pre-authorised to ride through Camp Pendleton will do so. Those who are not will have to ride on the shoulder of Interstate 5. You can get pre-authorized here. There is no cost, it takes them a couple of weeks to process, and it’s good for a year.

Once we get to Oceanside we need one more receipt from anywhere in Oceanside. I like to hang out at Angelos but we have dozens of options. We can return to Anaheim using Metrolink or Amtrak. Metrolink tickets do not have to be purchased in advance. They have space for about eight bicycles per train – first come, first served. Amtrak tickets should be purchased in advanced. Amtrak has room for seven bicycles per train – bicycle spots can be reserved when you buy the ticket.

Metrolink leaves Oceanside at 2:51 and 4:28
Amtrak leaves Oceanside at 3:45, 4:53, and 7:44

Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (