April 25th El Capitan 600k

Come join PCH Randos for a great new route designed with PBP in mind. There are no significant climbs on the route but lots of rollers adding up to 15,500 feet of climbing (ridewithgps). In addition, we are doing a night start so you can practice for PBP.

The ride starts at the “wtf” hour of 2am. You probably won’t see a single car as you navigate down Moorpark Ridge and into Ventura. From there it is a straight shot all the way up the coast to El Capitan at mile 91 where you can get a hearty breakfast at the deli. Views should be beautiful and traffic light the whole way.

After breakfast it is another straight shot down the coast to Trancas at mile 180. This should be a pretty fast run if the normal tailwind is in play. Beautiful views, quaint beach towns and lots of fun the whole way. The last stretch is back to the night stop in Moorpark at mile 220 for some food and rest.

The night stop closes at 0 dark hundred so you are back on the road for another few hours of night riding before the sun comes up. Sunday’s route goes through the Conejo and San Fernando Valleys before most people even get up for breakfast. Back down to Ventura via the scenic orange groves and back roads of Piru, Fillmore and Santa Paula. The last 40 miles takes you back down the coast and up to Moorpark following mostly the same route you took the day before so you can navigate from memory.

This will be a relatively easy 600k from a physical standpoint; the challenge is mental. If you can complete this you will be ready to take on the 90 hour start for PBP.

Ride Organizer: Nicole Honda (nicole.honda@yahoo.com)