April 2nd Orange Triple Loop

The route is almost identical to the 2015 route with the possible exception of control #9 at mile 204 which is still being reviewed.

Loop one starts at the Motel 6 in Anaheim and heads down to Huntington Beach, up to Seal Beach, and then inland on the San Gabriel Bike trail to El Monte. From there it returns to the coast on the Rio Hondo bike path and Los Angeles River Trail to Long Beach and back to the Motel 6. This loop is 100 miles long with about 1500′ of climbing – 80% bike paths. The Long Beach Bike Path is open again making for a safer and easier ride. The flat route and lack of stop signs should give you a huge time buffer by the end of the loop.

Loop two starts at the Motel 6 and heads inland to Corona, Riverside, and San Bernardino. From there we have a long, mainly gentle climb up to Beaumont at the top of the ride at 3000′. The exact location of Control #9 in Riverside is still under review. There’s a long, fast return down Oak Valley to Riverside and your first overnight stop option at 204 miles. Continuing along Victoria you will return to Corona and Anaheim for your second sleep option at mile 250. The SART is open all the way through this year so the detour onto Lakeview has been eliminated. This loop is 150 miles long with about 6000′ of climbing. Most of the climbing is in this loop.

Loop three (600k riders only) heads back to the coast again but this time heads South mainly on PCH to Dana Point and San Clemente. Between San Clemente and Oceanside the official route now uses Camp Pendleton in both directions. You can only use the shoulder of Interstate 5 if you arrive at Camp Pendleton at night or if you are on a terrorist watch list. On the return we turn inland at Dana Point and head through Lake Forest. Then it’s straight back to the Motel 6. Total distance is 125 miles with about 4000′ of climbing. Note that at mile 96.4 on this loop you have to carry your bike down some steps. Those of you with ‘bents or tandems may prefer to turn on Paseo de la Colinas at mile 96.1 and join Cabot road that way but it adds some climbing. I suggest you make these decisions before you start riding.

I will edit the ridewithgps.com cue sheets for the three loops so that you can generate your own cue sheets. For those riders that use the ridewithgps app the verbal cues will be correct and reliable. This will be done by Jan 31st. I will post the room number of ride HQ on the pchrandos google group when I get it on Friday evening.

Camp Pendleton has recently implemented a new pre-approval requirement for visitors including cyclists. You can apply for approval here:


It is free and lasts for a year but it takes a week to get approval. If you plan on riding the 600k option you will need to apply for this. If you cannot enter the base you can still ride on the shoulder of Interstate 5, but it is not pleasant.

Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (terryhutt1959@hotmail.com)