Five Rivers 300k

The Five Rivers 300k uses some of the best bike paths in Orange County and Los Angeles County. It starts in Corona and heads along the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) to the first control at mile 30 in Huntington Beach. Remember to fill up here because it’s almost 50 miles to the next control at the end of the San Gabriel River bike path in Duarte at mile 80. There’s lots of parks with RR and H2O if you need them. In Duarte we turn around and retrace ten miles on the San Gabriel bike path until we jump over to the Rio Hondo and Los Angeles River bike paths to Shoreline Village in Long Beach for the third control at mile 120. Here you can class it up at the Yard House, grab a smoothie and danish from Twisters and Coffee, or anything in between. This year you have to option to skip Shoreline Village, ride two more miles to Belmont Pier and use any business at the intersection of Ocean and Livingston. Then we head east along the ocean to the San Diego Creek bike path and head inland to Irvine for the fourth control at mile 150 in the Crossroads Shopping Center where you can enjoy a rice bowl, kebab, burrito, or pretty much anything you want. The last 40 miles have a mix of bike paths and bike lanes back to the SART and a straight shot back to the motel.

The heavy use of bike paths and the relatively few controls means a strong rider could complete this 300k in 12 hours or so. We have had several riders do exactly that. There are several stretches where the bike path runs alongside a perfectly good road and riders are welcome to use whichever they prefer. These stretches are noted in the cuesheet.

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Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (