Joshua Tree to Vegas 300k

The Joshua Tree to Las Vegas 300Km is a full service shuttled Brevet from the Los Angeles / Orange County area to the start, with SAG support in route across the massive Mojave desert, finish at the South Point Casino (south of the Vegas strip), and a shuttle back to Joshua Tree and then LA / OC on Sunday.  All riders need to contact Willie Hunt ( well before the ride so that pick arrangements can be made for the shuttle to the start. For riders flying into the LA area, John Wayne airport (SNA) is the closest to Willie and thus the easiest logistically for pickup. On the Las Vegas end, some riders may want to fly back home from Vegas. Bikes will be shuttled back to LA / OC even if you fly, just leave bikes and excess gear with Willie. Alternatively, riders can park their cars near the start in Joshua Tree and there will be shuttled back to Joshua Tree after the ride, but seating capacity is limited for this option.  There are two motels near the start, the Joshua Tree Inn and High Desert.  All riders need to make their own room reservations at the South Point Casino, or other hotel/motel in Vegas for the finish as the return shuttles will be midday Sunday after all the partying in Vegas Saturday night! 🙂

The route itself has huge expansive views across the Mojave desert including mountains, sand dunes, Joshua trees, railroad lines, the Ivanpah solar power plant, even the casino lights of Primm, Jean and Vegas. Riders can see for 50+ miles at several vista points. Traffic is generally quite light and often 10 or 15 minutes go by without a car passing. Climbing is reasonable at 8500 feet, but concentrated mostly 2 massive climbs, and 2 smaller climbs. Wind is normally blowing toward Vegas, so it’s possible to have a tailwind the whole way there! Pavement quality is good for the most part, but there are a number of miles that are rough with many potholes. 23mm tires will work, but 25 or 28mm would be wiser. Since cell connectivity is limited and spotty, the SAG will sweep the route to make sure no one is left out there.

Ride Organizer: Willie Hunt (