June 7th Channel Islands 200k

The third brevet of brevet weekend, is the Channel Islands 200K. This route has 2 main portions. The first leg does a circumnavigation of the Oxnard Plain, very similar to the Big Dipper 200K Brevet. The main differences are the controls at Ventura and Channel Islands Harbors, and a stop at Port Hueneme Beach. The second leg after returning to the Bott residence, is an out and back to Santa Barbara Harbor. This route tours some of the harbors and beaches in the area at a more relaxed pace, and the only obstacle may be the headwind on the way to Santa Barbara. The same headwind is a welcome tailwind on the way back to Ventura. The course, barring coastal fog, which is typical in June, has views of the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. June on the coast is usually very mild, with lows in the 60’s, and highs in the 70’s. Coastal fog can be thick at times, but a welcome cool for inland dwellers.

For those who have not ridden a 600K or longer, this 200K combined with the 400K on Saturday, might present a good test of how you would do on a 600K. The combined elevation of both routes is about 12000 feet.

Ride Organizer: Foster Nagaoka (ftnagaoka@gmail.com)