May 7th Eastern Sierra 600k

The Eastern Sierra 600Km is a point to point from Reno, NV to Lone Pine, CA with the overnight control in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The mega mountain views and wide open valleys are guaranteed to be amazing! It covers roads on the Eastern Sierra Double Century and others you likely never traveled, even in a car. The route goes south from Reno to Carson City, East to Silver Springs, south to Bridgeport, Lee Vining, June Lake Loop, Mammoth Lakes, east to Benton, then south to Lone Pine. Although the route does have some big climbs, they are all under 1500 feet vertical for grades over 4% and the total is under 15,000. I’ve routed it to remove the narrowed shouldered sections of the 395 (it’s a rather busy road) in favor for narrow, but lightly traveled secondary highways.

The logistics will be as follows: I will provide transport leaving early Friday morning from OC/LA to Reno, NV. We will stop in Lone Pine to pick up riders that prefer to leave a car there (such as ones not coming from LA area). We then proceed to Reno for dinner, meet up with riders that fly into Reno, and rest at the Motel 6 (nearest the airport). After the 4AM start Saturday morning, any drop bags, luggage and even bike boxes will be transported to the overnight and then onto the finish. There are enough services in route that I will not have any specific SAG supported stops, although I will be available as needed for major breakdowns. The overnight control will be at the Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes, CA where plenty of food and some beds will be available. Also there are many food options around Mammoth Lakes for those fast enough get there before restaurants close. The finish control in Lone Pine will be open by 6AM on Sunday and some beds will be available, but the shuttle back OC/LA will not leave until we wrap up the ride after the last rider finishes. If you are the sub 30 hour 600Km rider, you may want to leave your car in Lone Pine. Riders will need to book their own motel room at the start, and may wish to at the overnight, possibly at the finish too.

The $95 fee is for riders NOT needing person, bike, and gear shuttle transport to the start and back from the finish. Drop bag, luggage and or bike box transport from Reno to Lone Pine will be provided. Riders that want to fly to Reno and arrange for transport from Lone Pine to home would use this payment option.

The $245 fee is for riders that need full service (pickup in OC/LA, transported to Reno, luggage transported back, and then shuttle from Lone Pine back to OC/LA). Basically, if I need to transport you, then you need to pay with this option. Also, if you want to drop your bike and gear off ahead of time, fly to Reno, and have me transport you from Lone Pine back to OC/LA then this is your payment option.

Ride Organizer: Willie Hunt (