Night Audax 200k

This all-night 200k is ridden in audax style – that is we ride as a group at a steady pace with stronger riders taking longer pulls but never splitting the group. If a rider has a mechanical problem, we all stop and help. Our target overall time for this 200k is 10 hours. You need to be able to ride an easy 200k within 10 hours. Remember we start at 7 in the evening. Traffic tends to be worse that you expect so allow plenty of time.

At this time the SART is open all the way through and is not closed at night. The homeless encampments are gone. There are detours onto temporary bike paths that run parallel to the main one while the city remediates the soil and generally finishes cleaning up. I don’t know what the exact situation will be in September.

We will probably have a gentle tailwind for the first part of the ride so we may find ourselves riding around 18 mph for the first 20 miles or so. Thereafter the pace should settle down to around 16mph. Green River hill will split the group up so we will regroup at the 76 gas station at mile 28.4. The group will remain intact everywhere else. The only control is at the In-n-Out burger in San Bernardino. If you get there with the ride leader, I will buy your meal for you. That’s your incentive for not going off the front. We should get there a little before midnight and leave a little after.

On the return we will stop at the Arco in Corona which will be a good time for a Monster or Red Bull as it will be about 3am. We should finish the ride about 5am. Please be careful and try to get a nap before driving home.

Every year this ride is unique. We have had thunderstorms on either side of us, we’ve seen a cyclist in a hockey mask, impromptu car shows broken up by the police, and many other things you just don’t see during the day. Who knows what we will encounter this year? I can guarantee that riding the bike path through Hidden Valley at night, with the lights of East Valley in the distance, is something you will remember fondly.

Take a look at my write-up of last year’s Night Audax to get a feel for the ride.

Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (