October 3rd Trans Sierra Triple Pass 200k

If you love climbing, breathtaking scenery, and nearly zero cars, this is YOUR 200Km! But be warned, this could be the most climbing ever for RUSA 200Km Brevet. RideWithGPS says 17,000 feet, maybe it’s more like 15,000, but it’s a boat load. The climbs are sustained, but steady, so a low gear and good pacing will get you through them. The highest point is Sherman Pass at 9200 feet above sea level. Bring lungs too! 🙂

This is a FULL service shuttle ride. I’ll pick everyone up somewhere in OC and another stop in LA. I transport everyone to the start at Ducor, CA. Everyone rides with the shuttle vehicle leap frogging and back tracking as need be to make sure everyone is supplied and no one if left on the course with a problem. The SAG will have water, food, drink mixes, etc and provide these at the control stops. Still, plan on carrying plenty of water as it’s a long way from anything out there and it can be quite hot at times. Most of the area has no cell reception, so there will be a sweep SAG. This also means you can bail at any point, and or get a ride to the top of the climbs, just wait for the SAG to pick you up. At the highway 395 finish everyone gets back in the shuttle vehicle and we travel back to the LA and OC drop off points.

The ride has limit of 9 riders, because that’s all I can provide shuttle. Pickup times for car pool locations (to be determined bases on riders signing up) will be 4:00AM in Orange County and 5:00AM in LA County.

Ride Organizer: Willie Hunt (willie@surefire.com)