Orange 200k

This is a new ride that covers the first 200k of the 300/400/600 km routes and starts at the same time. It is very flat and uses a lot of bike paths. It has the potential to be extremely fast. I added it because some of the long distance riders told me they would like to have friends or spouses who are comfortable at 200km ride with them. It’s one of the easiest 200km brevets in the area. The route takes you down to the coast on the Santa Ana bike path, then north on the beach path or PCH to Seal Beach where you turn inland on the San Gabriel bike path. You will turn around in Duarte and jump over to the Rio Hondo and Los Angeles River trails to the Long Beach marina. Then you will head back along the coast and ride back up the Santa Ana river trail. This 200km loop has about 1800′ of climbing and over 100 miles of bike path. All the riders will ride this loop.