Preparing for the Ride

If you have never ridden a brevet before, or have never ridden with us, there are several things you can do to make your life and the ride organizer’s life a little easier. These suggestions are in addition to RUSA’s rules for riding brevets.

Please register your intent to ride online at least a few days before the ride. This is not a commitment and it is not mandatory. This is simply a courtesy to the ride organizer so they can prepare your brevet card and estimate the supplies they need to buy.

If possible, mail your registration, waiver, and check to the ride organizer to arrive at least three days before the ride.

If you register and find you cannot ride, please email the organizer as soon as possible. If you have already mailed a check the organizer may refund your entry fee at their discretion.

If you did not mail your registration and waiver please print them out, complete them, and bring them to the start of the ride together with cash or check.

You should also download and print the route sheet before the ride. If it is offered in Excel format you can reformat it to suit your eyesight and preferences. The ride organizer will generally have copies but it is better to bring your own.

Experienced randonneurs bring a sandwich sized ziploc bag to protect their brevet card and receipts from rain, wind, and sweat.

Please arrive at the start of the ride at least 20 minutes before the ride starts to complete your registration, get your brevet card, prepare your bike, etc.

If you did not pre-register you should allow an extra 10 minutes for the organizer to prepare your brevet card etc. Note some rides require pre-registration – this will be mentioned in the ride description.

Be ready to start at the designated time. Listen for the organizer’s last minute announcements. Under no circumstances may you start before the ride organizer indicates the ride has started. However you may start later as long as you have your brevet card.

Please feel free to post any questions on our Google Group page.