Preparing for the Ride

If you have never ridden a brevet before, or have never ridden with us, there are several things you can do to make your life and the ride organizer’s life a little easier. These suggestions are in addition to RUSA’s rules for riding brevets.

Please register your intent to ride online at least a few days before the ride. This is not a commitment and it is not mandatory. This is simply a courtesy to the ride organizer, so they can prepare your brevet card and estimate the supplies they need to buy.

Starting in 2019 we will handle waivers and payments at the start of the ride. There will be no online waivers or payments. We will give you a waiver to complete and sign at the start of the ride. When we have your signed waiver and your cash or check payment, we will give you your brevet card.

If you make a reservation and find you cannot ride, please email the organizer as soon as possible as a courtesy.

You should also download and print the route sheet before the ride. If it is offered in Excel format you can reformat it to suit your eyesight and preferences. The ride organizer will generally have copies, but it is better to bring your own.

Experienced randonneurs bring a sandwich sized Ziploc bag to protect their brevet card and receipts from rain, wind, and sweat.

Please arrive at the start of the ride with plenty of time before the ride starts in order to complete your registration, get your brevet card, prepare your bike, etc.

If you did not pre-register you should allow extra time for the organizer to prepare your brevet card etc. Note some rides require pre-registration – this will be mentioned in the ride description.

Be ready to start at the designated time. Listen for the organizer’s last-minute announcements. Under no circumstances may you start before the ride organizer indicates the ride has started. However, you may start up to one hour later as long as you have your brevet card. Please notify the ride organizer in advance if you are going to be starting late and collecting your brevet card after the official start time. Please do us all a favor and do your best to be on time.

During the Ride

You are required to obey local traffic laws as well as RUSA rules for riders. Failure to do so are grounds for disqualification. Legally required reflectors and lights must be installed and in good working order on you bicycle prior to the ride start. Reflective clothing must be worn, and legal front and rear lights must be on when it is dark (i.e. sunset to sunrise, rain, and fog) even when riding in a group.

Pay attention to your brevet card. Make sure you reach every control while the control is open and write down answers, get receipts, or get signatures as required. Keep your receipts with your brevet card, preferably in a Ziploc bag. Do not lose receipts or your brevet card. Carry a pen or pencil with you and maybe a spare too. Experienced randonneurs enter their control arrival times on their brevet cards at each control instead of waiting for the end of the ride.

At the end of the Ride

The last control will normally be staffed. There will be someone there to congratulate you and to help you complete your brevet card, although it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the paperwork is completed correctly. You will sign your brevet card and the volunteer will calculate your ride time and counter-sign the card.

We will then take your brevet card for our records and mail them back to you at the end of the year. We will post your results to the RUSA website within a few days of the event.

Please feel free to post any questions on our Google Group page.