Santa Ana River Trail 200k

This is an easy, flat 200k suitable for riders who are new to randonneuring or experienced riders looking for an easy 200k for PBP qualification. If you are riding this route to qualify for your first PBP you will want to make sure you ride a suitably hilly 400 and 600 km brevet later. We have several on the schedule. There are public parking spaces available but these fill up quickly (see the flyer). If you haven’t pre-registered I will be available in the public parking area from 6:00 onward. Please remember it takes a few minutes to register and there may be a line so don’t wait until the last moment. The Quality Inn is pretty cool with riders using their parking lot, but they’re even cooler if you’ve actually booked a room.

I’m running the brevet in this direction because there is parking and accommodation at the start/end and good food options at the turn around in Newport Beach. The City of Anaheim is locking the SART at Katella Ave at 6:00 pm (miles 50 and 75). Even the slowest riders will be through before that happens.

The route is simple – we ride the upper Santa Ana River Trail for 20 miles, ride mainly quiet roads through Norco, then 30 miles of the lower Santa Ana River Trail to Newport Beach, get a receipt at the only control, turn around and ride back. Either the Newport Beach Cafe or Boss Burgers are good control options. There are several well placed cafes and gas stations for refueling along the route which are mentioned in the cue sheet.

There will be no SAG for this event as I need to be at the finish to process riders. The average temperature will be between 50F and 70F. Sunrise is at 6:55 am and Sunset is at 5:00 pm. If you think you might take more than 10 hours to complete the ride you must carry lights and reflective gear. I don’t want to DQ anyone for finishing without lights in the dark. You won’t need lights to start.

Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (