Night Audax 200k

This is a night audax ride, a great way to beat the summer heat and to avoid riding alone at night. Audax style riding requires the group to stay together and ride at a pre-arranged pace. If anyone has a flat or mechanical the whole group stops to help. We will have a tail wind for the outbound leg of the ride so we will probably hold about 18-20 mph on the flat with the stronger riders out front controlling the pace. We will regroup at the 76 gas station at mile 28.4 after crossing over the 91 freeway, although this not a control. This is a natural regrouping point after the steepest hill on the route and an opportunity to refuel.

After riding the length of both the lower and upper Santa Ana River Trail, we will reach the turnaround point at the In-n-Out burger in San Bernardino where nice people will give us wonderful food. All riders who reach this control (the only control) with the group will get FREE FOOD. Anyone who rides off the front will have to pay for their own food. No-one will get dropped. After we have eaten we will turn around and retrace our route back to the start.

We will have a mild headwind or possibly no headwind at all on the way back. We will ride a little slower and take another break at the Arco in Corona at mile 93. I’m determined not to leave anyone behind at the Arco this year. My target is a 10 hour 200k with perhaps as much as two hours off the bike, but more importantly my target is to finish as a group.

Every year riders are caught out by Saturday evening traffic. Be sure to allow enough time to get to the start and then allow some more. If you are running late – call me. Also note there are no rest rooms at the start of the ride. If you arrive with a full bladder you will have to ride seven miles to the first rest rooms. As with all night brevets you must have lights and reflective gear. Because we will be riding in a group, please set your tail lights in solid mode.

Ride Organizer: Terry Hutt (