September 5th Matthew O’Neill 100k

This is the Matthew O’Neill Memorial 100K Populaire which is being run in conjunction with the Matthew O’Neill 200K Brevet to honor our friend Matthew O’Neill, who was tragically killed last year. The ride fee of $0.00 to CIBC members is not a typo, but preregistration is encouraged to help us prepare for the ride. This route is on one of his favorite routes, with breakfast at the Somis Market included. We hope to gather many of our friends to ride in his honor. This is a very good introductory for riders new to randonneuring, with a mix of rural and urban riding. This route is a circumnavigation of the Oxnard Plain, very similar to the Big Dipper 200K Permanent. The main differences are the controls at Ventura and Channel Islands Harbors, and a stop at Port Hueneme Beach, before returning to the Bott residence. The course, barring coastal fog, has views of the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties as well as views of the agriculture in the Oxnard Plains and the quite orchard roads in Somis.

Ride Organizer: Foster Nagaoka (